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Webulator/400 web-enables AS/400 applications in an instant

Webulator Until now AS/400TM software developers often had to learn new languages, tools, and procedures in order to support web usage. Now, Webulator/400 provides 5250 emulation through any web browser, and runs natively on the AS/400 or iSeriesTM.

Webulator/400 will allow you to run your existing AS/400 application over the World Wide Web with _no code changes or conversion_ programs. Just install and configure Webulator/400 and it converts every green-screen application on your AS/400 into Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)—whether the original application is written in COBOL, ILE C, RPG, or any other language.

The easy way to add Internet business benefits

Webulator web-enables all your AS/400 programs—and you don't have to change anything!

  • Choose the web client platform you want—any web browser can run your AS/400 and iSeries applications with no additional connection configuration required.
  • Provide instant access to custom AS/400 and iSeries applications for customers anywhere.
  • All of your data can be secured using SSL encryption technology.
  • Reduce your leased- or switched-line costs by communicating through the Internet.
  • Remote employees or locations have easy, convenient access to your AS/400 and iSeries applications through the Internet.
  • Provide customer access to new iSeries applications without retraining programmers.
  • Enhance your green-screen applications with improved user controls and HTML extensions.

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