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Web Server/400


Web Server/400 puts your AS/400 on the web

The I/NETs Web Server/400 is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) daemon that brings the opportunities of the World Wide Web to AS/400 and iSeries computers. The HTTP daemon (or Web server) is a native AS/400 application that takes full advantage of the latest IBM OS/400 V3R1 offerings, and provides all of the features of the most popular current Web servers.

Conforms to Standards

I/Net's Web server adheres to the HTTP/1.0 standard and accommodates common enhancements. This conformance includes support for the older HTTP/0.9 standard.

AS/400 Personality

While the conventions and protocols used follow existing standards, our Web server supports native AS/400 object types and is administered in a way consistent with existing AS/400 and iSeries products.

Takes Full Advantage of AS/400's Strengths

Instead of making a straightforward port of features found in Unix and PC Web servers, I/Net's server exploits the strengths of an AS/400: dependable platform, easily maintainable, NLS capable, strong database capabilities, large capacity, and highly scaleable.

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