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Important Information about your Verisign Certificates

As of January 1, 2000 Verisign is changing the format of the certificates they issue. They will be issuing version 3 certificates instead of the current version 1 certificates. To support this change by Verisign, I/NET has ported a new version of the SSL code for Commerce Server/400 and Webulator/400 2.0. To install and use this new version of the SSL code you will need to download and install PTFs that are now available. Customers who are using Commerce Server/400 or Webulator/400 2.0 but are not using SSL certificates will not be affected by this change.

This note is to inform you of the availability of an extremely important enhancement to certain I/NET products that support this change to Verisign. It is vital that, as a user of Commerce Server/400 or Webulator/400 2.0, you understand and act on this information - otherwise you will no longer be able to conduct secure transactions over the Internet when your current Verisign certificate expires.

What will happen if I don't install the PTFs? Your Commerce Server/400 and Webulator/400 2.0 products will work satisfactorily until your agreement with Verisign needs to be renewed. At this point Verisign will require that your AS/400 supports the version 3 certificates, otherwise you will not be able to conduct secure data flows.

How do I get the PTFs?

You will need the following PTFs -

If you are familiar with retrieving and installing PTFs from the I/NET site you can go to the above links to download the PTFs directly. If you require assistance in doing this, you should contact the Distributor through whom you purchased the product or the support agency with whom you have a support contract for the products.

Customers who do not know their Distributor nor have a support contract should contact I/NET support.

If you have current maintenance for the products, we have made available new refreshes of the Commerce Server/400 and Webulator/400 2.0 products which will include these PTFs as well as all other PTFs up to this point. These refreshes are available early in the new year. If time allows, you may prefer to wait for these to become available via your Distributor and install completely refreshed products The refreshed levels of the products will be Commerce Server/400 1.0d and Webulator/400 2.0b.

When do I need to install the PTFs?

There is no absolute requirement to install the PTFs before your Verisign certificate needs renewal. Current Verisign certificates will continue to work until their expiration date. Verisign will not renew your certificate after January 1 2000 unless you have these PTFs installed. You may install the PTFs at any point prior to your request to Verisign for certificate renewal.

Note: This PTF is being treated as an 'enhancement' - and would normally be available only to customers with a current I/NET maintenance agreement. However, because of the critical nature of the PTFs, they are being made available to all customers for a limited period of time - until February 28th 2000 after which they will be available only to customers with a current I/NET maintenance agreement. Further 'enhancement' PTFs and upgrades will also only be available free of charge to customers with current maintenance agreements.

For details of maintenance contracts and pricing, please contact your Distributor or see the I/NET extended support policy.

Are these PTFs designed to cure a Year2000 bug?

NO. These PTFs are not fixes for any 'bug' in the I/NET code. They have been created to support a change in the way that Verisign is supporting its customers. These changes have no relationship to any Year2000 problem.

What else is contained in the PTFs?

These enhancement PTFs also contain support for additional certificate authorities, such as Thawte. See the PTF descriptions for more information.

What about other I/NET products?

The only I/NET products to be affected by the Verisign change are Commerce Server/400 and Webulator/400 2.0. For customers on current maintenance, we are also issuing a refreshed version of Web Server/400 (1.3c) and Webulator/400 1.1 (1.1b). Merchant/400 customers should be aware that we have already issued a new version of Merchant/400 (1.2). The current level of Net Print/400 remains at 1.0 - but there is an additional PTF available from the site which fixes a recorded bug and delivers useful new functionality.


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