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Net Print/400


Net Print/400 enables seamless, networked printing of AS/400 reports.

Net Print/400 lets you print AS/400 and iSeries reports over the Internet without requiring complex host or client setup. You get interactive 5250 interfaces for use with Webulator/400 version 2.0, and scripting interfaces for use with Web Server/400, Commerce Server/400, IBM's HTTP servers, and the Netscape Enterprise Server. Net Print/400 also provides a browser plug-in you can use to print reports to any local or network-connected printer.

Net Print/400 will allow browser users to print existing AS/400 reports over the World Wide Web by converting the report applications on your AS/400 into a format that prints on your PC printer. You also have the option to display the report, in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) format. In a CGI environment, sample Net.Data macros allow you to customize the report selection interfaces.

Simplify printing anywhere

With Net Print/400, remote employees or locations have easy, convenient access to AS/400 and iSeries reports through the Internet. You can also print to any local or networked printer defined to your browser to:

  • Print a wide variety of report data, including text and graphics.
  • Save the report to a local or networked file for printing at a later time or in a different location
  • Distribute AS/400 reports from within a Webulator/400 session, or through CGI with an AS/400 or iSeries http-capable server.
  • Provides instant availability to *AFPDS or *SCS reports
  • Secure report data using SSL encryption technology
  • Provide simple report selection capabilities in a "Work with Spooled File" interface

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