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Merchant/400 for Simplified Selling and Transaction Security

Merchant/400 gives AS/400 and iSeries users the opportunity to easily sell goods and services over the World Wide Web, with the flexibility to provide other types of e-business applications as well.

Use Merchant/400 with IBM Net.Commerce for OS/400 to rapidly create fully functioning merchant applications such as Internet shopping malls or company stores. The Merchant/400 API module enables users to conduct secured Internet credit card transactions over the web. Merchant/400 accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other credit card types. It also authorizes or rejects transactions in real time over the Web.

In addition, you can develop custom scripts and applications to take advantage of the Merchant/400 credit card authorization capabilities. Just use the I/NET Webulator/400 product to run AS/400 and iSeries order-entry programs, and the Merchant/400 API to provide credit card authorization.

Securing online business

Merchant/400 simplifies the process of selling, while assuring security with Internet standards and complete compatibility with most existing AS/400 order-entry applications, and:

  • Provides continued value from existing order-entry applications already in use on your AS/400 and iSeries, when used with Webulator/400
  • Gives you simple, built-in authorization for credit card purchases through Net.Commerce, DataCash Ltd., your store, or other applications
  • Includes a sample shopping basket script, which can be used as is or can be tailored and customized for your specific needs
  • Affords even the smallest organization the opportunity to open new markets and increase revenues by providing an easy way to buy/sell their products with little additional development cost

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