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Commerce Server/400


Commerce Server/400 for secure online transactions

The I/NET Commerce Server/400 extends Web Server/400 to give AS/400 and iSeries users worldwide the ability to conduct secure, encrypted, financial and other transactions over the Internet and World Wide Web. A native AS/400 application, Commerce Server/400 is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) daemon that is fully compatible with IBM OS/400 V3R1+ and V3R6+. Recommended by IBM, Commerce Server/400 offers a variety of high-level security features for AS/400 and iSeries computers through the use of industry-accepted standards from Terisa Systems and RSA Data Security, Inc.

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The Commerce Server/400 provides online security for your transactions on a variety of levels:

HTML form data

During many types of online finance and commerce transactions, customers must enter credit card numbers in a field on an HTML form. By using a web server enabled for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transactions, this number may be sent over the Internet without being seen by anybody except the sender and the receiving merchant or financial institution.

User authenticated Page

Using user authentication, or password protection, selectively allows visitors access to pages. For additional protection, passwords are encrypted before being sent to users over the public Internet.

Secure AS/400 Application Access through Webulator/400

Webulator/400 running on top of Commerce Server/400 using SSL provides one of the most secure ways of running AS/400 applications. Every display screen and all user input is completely encrypted while in transit from the client to the host.

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