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iSeries and AS/400 Software


Easily add Internet functionality to your AS/400 or iSeries installed base

I/NET products allow you to provide the latest functionality for your IBM AS/400TM or iSeriesTM applications, running on the IBM hardware you already have. INET/400 products let you add the benefits of Internet technology and applications to your business quickly and easily:

Internet Entry Webulator/400 provides instant web access to your existing IBM AS/400 applications without code changes—so you can instantly put this functionality in front of a larger audience.

Commerce Server/400 gives AS/400 and iSeries users worldwide the ability to conduct secure, encrypted financial, and other transactions over the Internet and World Wide Web.

Web Server/400 adds Web server functionality to AS/400 and iSeries midrange computers for Internet or intranet applications.

Net Print/400 allows you to seamlessly print AS/400 and iSeries reports over the Internet—without complex host or client setup—with a browser plug-in for local or network-connected printers.

Merchant/400 enables Commerce Server/400 users to easily sell goods and services over the World Wide Web, providing security and complete credit card authorization.


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