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I/NET: Investing in innovation

A software development firm based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I/NET has been a leader in the research and development of innovative technology since its founding in 1982. With a team of leading developers and scientists, the company has been a pioneer in the areas of digital imaging, voice recognition, multimedia, and natural language.

Making technology work for you

I/NET developed the first commercial digital imaging using compression algorithms to bring digital pictures to analog computer screens — eventually used by a multiple-listing real-estate service — and supported the technology for 15 years.

Our enhanced imaging system formed the basis for the early IPACS system for transmission and storage of digital X-rays. An animal research company successfully used our voice recognition system for pathology reporting for eight years.

Working with IBM, I/NET built the ADSTAR system for automated document storage and retrieval that eventually became a $70 million with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We also developed some of the first Internet server technology for the IBM AS/400. Despite newer releases by IBM with more features, customers worldwide still use the I/NET products after eight years because of a level of reliability and durability that's rare in the software world.

Let's talk about the future

Today, I/NET has focused our efforts on the development and application of conversational interface technology. Unlike voice recognition systems that simply substitute sound for typed commands, a conversational interface provides a natural, intuitive dialogue between people and computing systems. Potential applications range from heavy industry to space missions, and the burgeoning automotive Internet market — known as telematics.

I/NET has assembled a team of leading scientists and software engineers to develop our conversational interface technology. This team has worked with organizations such as NASA, where they developed conversational interfaces and intelligent control systems for robotic systems, and the federal government's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where they designed and developed autonomous navigation software for the Mars Rover prototype.

Partner with the leader

As part of a strategic plan to build shareholder value, I/NET is pursuing strategic relationships in the form of equity affiliates, joint ventures, marketing partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. We invite you to contact us and see how you too can play a leading role in the future of CI.


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